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Opening Up

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Opening Up

Postby deadmanjay » 15 Sep 2009, 04:34

For those aspiring mediums/psychics who often ask me what it takes to do such, I pull no punches. Many tell them that they are special flowers who all they have to do is listen to them and pay them money. However, my method is different. I tell these "students" that they have to learn how to block before they can open. If they learn not how to block, then they are like a window without a pane of glass. When they learn how to block, then they can open up to the right kinds of "information". To brag, i think my method is better in the long run than say, BS' who you pay money and then are a special snowflake who knows everything. Which of course defeats the purpose of opening up in my opinion as it seems that you should want to know more instead of getting to that wall and stopping.

Just thought I would share.

There are lots of people who call themselves MASTER psychics/mediums who disagree with me and think that you should be open to everything, but them, I don't see them as being open much to anything except that which feeds their self importance.
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