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Illusion vs. Truth

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Illusion vs. Truth

Postby Scepcop » 16 Aug 2009, 23:38 ... -vs-truth/

Illusion vs. Truth

I remember the day I looked through the illusion ‘space’ like yesterday. That morning I woke up in another dimension. I felt joy and my consciousness was calm. In the afternoon I stood at a pond. I looked in the water and I saw beautiful white clouds reflecting in the surface of the water. This was a revelation for me. Suddenly I realized that what we see as the image or the forms, are actually reflections of man’s own consciousness. I understood for example that a tree actually don’t exist, because I always experienced a tree as some ‘thing’ that is separated from me, instead of seeing this tree as a reflection of my own consciousness. I Am that tree, otherwise I can’t see it.First I did not understand this. My first question during this experience was: ‘Where is all wee see created?’ (because I understood that the space/the universe don’t exist, but the image which we all see kept existing) “In God” an inner voice told me. “You are God. Not a God somewhere in heaven, but God’s pure consciousness, without illusions”

I woke up in a new dimension. A new experience of life. Simply because I looked differently at the universe. I thought about heat, and I got warm. I thought about the summer (however it was nearly summer, but a cloudy day) and I experienced a nice summer evening were everything was calm and good. A light surrounded, so tangible I wanted to grab it. I found (and understood) the following Truth: All is within! You can see things because these ‘things’ are in you. These forms aren’t not even things.. During this experience and great insight the following words kept coming to my lips: I Am Life!

During the months after this experience many insights entered my consciousness. I started to understand what was happened, and strangely these insights/experiences learned me why man suffer many difficulties during their life. Man believes they live in a Godless space. However they can believe in God, man does not experience God. Man does not know God. In this space-believe, automatically there is an identification with their body (and their name, job, social status, …) Here for man assumes everything he sees in the outer is separated from him. This believe is what the Masters calls the materialistic thinking. This is the illusion. Generally when man experience difficulties they search in the illusion for solutions (even very spiritual people) but this is the main error why these difficulties keep on existing. The world with all its limitations, borders and laws is the product of the materialistic thinking, so you won’t find any solutions there. The solution is to look through the illusion of separation and see the Truth behind all life-forms. The Truth of the union of all mankind. Then you will find a Light which is nowhere else then in your own consciousness. This is the solution for all your ‘dark’ problems, because everything which is not conscious with God, has its abode in ‘darkness’ or the absence of Light. Can it be so dark a light won’t illuminate the room?

The Light of Life is the only solution for all your problems. I admit. For a long time I searched why I had fears, and why I experienced difficulties which seems too difficult to handle until that day I saw that I was lost in my own consciousness. Lost in my own created illusion and that the only way out this darkness is to learn the Truth. Didn’t Jesus said: ‘You shall learn the Truth and the Truth shall set you free’?
“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Re: Illusion vs. Truth

Postby Twain Shakespeare » 03 Aug 2010, 01:53

If you beleive this you are gnostic

As Twain, I speak mainly for my null hypotheses "man assumes everything he sees in the outer is separated from him. This (belief) is what the Masters calls the materialistic thinking." I'll agree, my null is materialistic, at least in public discussion. Actually my null approaches Pyrhonism(SP?) The only thing I concede is experience exist. I assume trees exist, but my thought "tree" is not the real thing. It isn't even my sensory experience.

The only theory I can think of that is more radically reductionist is solipsism. I bang my shins every morning. This doesn't disprove solipsism. It just indicates that if it is true, I hate myself.

At the other end is extreme gnosticism
Gnosticism at its simplest is the Premise that mind can apprehend "truth" unavailable to the senses

What was described in the article "(what) we see (is) created? “In God” ’s pure consciousness," ie.
Nothing is real except the thoughts of god, is the most extreme gnostic position. I have believed that was bs since my mother told me it is what she believed as a Xi/Sci.

However, I have held the gnostic premise at times. Basically, it is my B hypotheses. To put it in my platonic terms of noumena, phenomena, and epiphenomena, the gnostic B hypothesis is, epiphenomena is noumena, and the sensory phenomena are the intersection of two real things,

Note, this is nowhere near the hard gnosticism stated above, which is almost solipsism, reached from the other side.

I have seldom let my gnostic half speak here. When I do, I try to use the name Shakey, to distinguish my gnostic believer from my agnostic knower. If anyone is interested in any aspects of this agnostic/ gnostic dichotomy, or wants to discuss Gnosticism, this is a good thread to use.

May your experiences be groovy. Twain (& Shakey)
"What's so Funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding?"
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