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Potential visitations from deceased loved ones.

Share your paranormal and psychic experiences here. Do you have any stories of how you came to realize that there were other dimensions or levels of reality? NO SKEPTICS ALLOWED!

Re: Potential visitations from deceased loved ones.

Postby Craig Browning » 15 Sep 2013, 12:29

First of all, those dream interpretation books will confuse the hell out of you; it takes years of study and training to learn how to effectively translate dreams and their symbolism both, psychologically and spiritually. What I know as the result of my studies however, is that either type of dream or dream content is ALWAYS about helping us FIX certain things or get prepared or even become more aware of a situation. When a loved one appears in a dream we must look at them symbolically first -- its how we relate to that person, the authority we give them, the energy we were used to recieving from them, etc. that is important. How authoritarian are they being? What are they trying to show you or tell you?

More than not a prophetic dream will be in full color and HD level resolution. . . very real and experiential not a situation in which you are more a passive observer even though you might be shown things and forced into a form of interaction which, if you meditated during the day, would give you the same thing; the act of going within so as to get the message. Modern man, especially in our westernized world, don't hardly ever take time out for himself. Meditation twice daily, if it's just for 10 minutes, will make your ability to understand this sort of dream far easier.

When it comes to the symbolism of dreams, start with Jung and Campbell before you jump into the dream books. . . too, bear in mind that a lot of those dream books are penned from a churchianity point of view which may not apply to you and your life. . . look for something more neutral or appropriate to your familial culture. . . Seeing Krishna in a dream is exactly the same thing as seeing Jesus or Moses or Muhammad . . . it's as I said earlier; it's the energy you identify with and apply to that entity. An amazing number of ardent atheists have had Christ appear in their dreams. . . many have ended up denouncing their "life of sin" and go back to the church . . . for the wrong reasons, because of such things -- because the true significance of that vision was not properly translated. . . which gives us one final key here; the majority of dreams are not prophetic and too, those that are, are rarely a thing that will affect more than the individual or their immediate family. Large scaled prophetic vision will affect numerous people over a long period of time; 9/11 as an example, was affecting dozens of working psychics across the country, for months leading up to events. As I've shared here years back, none of us could discern the meaning behind the images we were sharing until after the fact, that's when the two huge burning mountains made sense. . . and I shared this vision along with a time table a month before 9/11 happened on a major AM Radio station in Reno, NV. so I don't think I was trying to take credit for something in retrospect. . . and I never use this fact in my Press Materials.

Dreams and learning to interpret them takes a great deal of time and most of time the person that gets the dream already has a good hunch as to what the 'lesson" was though the symbols might confuse them for a while.
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